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Concentrated algaecide helps control resistant mustard and black algae types. 40% Polyquat formulation. Non foaming, non-staining. Excellent problem solver.


Aids in controlling green and brown algae in swimming pool water. 10% dual-quat Algaecide.
Twice as strong as a 10% Single Quat. Excellent weekly maintenance solution.


Premium algaecide that aids in killing and controlling algae including mustard and black algae. 60% polyquat formulation.
Non foaming, non-staining
Excellent problem solver.


Winterizing algaecide formulation. For use in swimming pools without a spill-over spa or water feature. May also be used for summer applications.


Economy algaecide used to control algae in swimming pool water. 5% single-quat.
Good weekly maintenance solution.

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