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Caring for your pool or hot tub can be intimidating but with some basic information you can handle most common challenges and focus on enjoying your backyard.


Remember, your Mursatt dealer is always the best resource for personalized and specific information on your pool or hot tub matters. 

Reducing Chlorine Usage

Learn tips and tricks for efficient and effective pool care.

Green Pool Water

Troubleshoot to solve and prevent algae in your pool water 

Environmentally Responsible

Pool operation and care to minimize environmental impact of pool ownership.

Professional Water Testing

How getting your water tested at your Mursatt dealer can help you.

Safe Handling of Chemicals

Learn proper safety practice for handling pool chemicals 

Cloudy Pool Water

Troubleshoot to solve and prevent cloudy pool water issues

Safe Storage of Chemicals

Tips for safely storing pool chemicals.

Hot Tub Care Overview

Your Handbook for complete care for your Hot Tub.

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Bromine Hot Tub Checklist

A step by step guide for managing your hot tub using a bromine based sanitation system

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