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Mursatt recommends that you take a sample of your swimming pool water to your local Mursatt dealer:

  • At the beginning of the season

  • At least once a month while your pool is operating

  • At the end of the season before close-up


Here’s just a few benefits of professional water testing...


Save Money! A $1.00 worth of prevention is worth $100.00 of cure. A professional water test can identify issues and prescribe correction that can save money and time.

Accuracy. Mursatt dealers continually invest in the professional laboratory equipment and training to correctly test, diagnose and prescribe what your unique pool needs. 

Protect your Bathers. Properly sanitized swimming pool water will be safe for you, your family and your friends. 

Protect your Investment. Liners, pumps, filters, heaters will all deteriorate and need to be replaced if the swimming pool water is not balanced properly. 

Peace of Mind. Relax and enjoy your swimming pool. Working with your Mursatt dealer can take the worry out of water care.

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