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Swimming pool chemicals are very important to the health of your swimming pool and of your family. Proper storage and handling of these chemicals and common sense will ensure your safety and the desired results in the swimming pool water.


Read product label and manufacturer’s directions before use.

Use appropriate protective gear, such as safety glasses and gloves as directed on the product’s label.

Use care if broadcasting powdered products into the pool to prevent direct contact with your eyes, mouth or skin. Consider premixing with water.

Add chemicals to the pool water separately & to different parts of the pool to prevent uncontrolled chemical reactions.

Never add water to chemicals. Add chemicals to large amounts of water.

Never inhale fumes or allow products to get in your eyes, nose or mouth. Turn your face to one side or point the container away from you when opening.

When refilling chlorinator/brominator be sure system is shut off and the area is well ventilated.

In the event of accidental contact, or if the product is swallowed, follow emergency advice on the product label and call your doctor and/or your local Poison Control Center.

Never smoke around chemicals. Some fumes are highly flammable & a lit cigarette or match can ignite sanitizers or oxidizers.

Never allow children to handle, measure or dispense chemicals.

Never interchange measuring spoons or scoops or place wet tools back into any chemical container.

Never mix chlorine products with each other, with acid, or with any other substance. Uncontrolled reactions such as fuming, fire or explosion can occur.

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