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Easy to use pool water clarifier to restore brilliance and sparkle to pool water. For pools using sand filters. Easy to use with no pH adjustment.


Polymer coagulant removes particles too fine for normal filtration to restore water clarity. For cartridge or sand filters. Restores sparkle.


Fast acting chlorine/bromine sanitizer neutralizer. Fast dissolving granular removes excess chlorine and bromine from swimming pool water.


Convenient, slow dissolving clarifying tablet for skimmer use in pools with sand filters. Aids filter to remove fine particles. Does not require pH adjustment.


Removes and prevents metallic stains from forming on plastic and vinyl surfaces. 
For iron, copper and manganese


Removes sanitizer residuals from pool water. Use with Mursatt Dechlorinators when backwashing to remove sanitizer from discharge water


Enhances sand filter performance and clarify swimming pool water.
Primarily used as a filter aid (sand filter only). Can also be used as a floc treatment.


Protects equipment, fittings, ladders, filters & pumps against corrosion & discolouration caused by high calcium hardness, metals & minerals.


Multi mineral mix that provides ultimate water quality. Works with all pools. Improves water quality. Softens water. Improves sanitizer performance.

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